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It’s Kyoto Teito University!


1. Take a bus 215 (or was it 205?, no, I think it’s 215. Anyway, refer to the bus map) from Kiyomizudera and stop at Kiyodai Seimon-mae.

2. Walk towards the directions to Yoshida Temple (seriously, there’s a signboard on the bus stop)

3. The gate and the clocktower is on your left-hand side. 

4. Enter the gate and convinced your friend to take a photo of you doing a fake imaginary random mathematical formula scribbling in front of the centre tree.

5. Your life is now complete. The end.

Note: If you lost your way, just ask the security guys for tokidai (trans: the huge-ass clock) and they will point you to the correct direction. We accidently entered the Medical Science campus or something (seriously, they have one whole building for DNA research. eh?) and after a couple of migi, hidari and zuuuuutto,we have finally arrived. 

erm, yay?

PS: Alas, we missed out the Physics Lab 13 Building. That one was in Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology- the Etchujima Campus.

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