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@ Rurouni Kenshin Official Facebook Page

Is he a friend or foe!? New cast announcement! Fukuyama Masaharu joins the cast to help his kouhai!

This is lead Sato Takeru’s second time working with Fukuyama Masaharu, last time being in “Ryomaden”!

Fukuyama acted as a father for the first time in his lead role in “Soshite Chichi ni Naru” last year and received high praise for his acting even overseas. For his next movie he chose “Rurouni Kenshin” where he took on more intense action scenes than he’s ever had before, and he got to work with the director from “Ryomaden”, Ootomo Keishi, again. This is Fukuyama’s first time in a movie based on a comic, and is his kouhai Sato Takeru’s most major work, so this was a movie he personally wanted to get involved with.
However, we’re going to leave his role and character name a mystery. During the press pre-viewings of the film Fukuyama’s name was in the credits without a role name which was starting to become news online even before this announcement.
Although it is unclear if this long haired kimono figure is a friend or foe to Himura Kenshin, he has a deep relationship with Kenshin and is a key in his continuing story.

★Fukuyama Masaharu’s Comment

It’s been three years since I worked with Director Ootomo Keishi in “Ryomaden” but I was really impressed by how he was working hard to make this a first class film and how his filming techniques had evolved. I got to try intense action scenes for this role and learned how every swing of the sword is different, and how “The character and the actor both influence action scenes”. And the Kenshin I met on set was very strong and beautiful.

★Sato Takeru’s Comment

When I was on Fukuyama’s radio show I told him I wanted him to act in the sequels, and he really did, I was impressed by how my senpai is a man of his words. This is the first time we’ve worked together since “Ryomaden” and this time we had a lot of intense action scenes but I can’t wait to see the final cut. I want all of you to see it soon too.

★Director Ootomo Keishi’s comment

・On his reason for casting
From the time I was writing the script I knew that there was no one who could pull off this role but Fukuyama. This character’s deep perception, and how he becomes a wall standing in Kenshin’s way with a cruel strength and kindness. Plus that overwhelming presence.The two of them played “Izo” and “Ryoma” previously, but here they are taking up swords to fight for the future of society again! What kind of story and passion will be created when Sato Takeru and Fukuyama Masaharu battle on screen? Just imagining that was a big reason I decided to cast Fukuyama in this role.

・On actual filming
As an actor he’s now experienced the big stage of Cannes and I felt his passion for acting has deepened. He came out to the set to practice the action scenes many times. I think we were able to get a lot of shots of his dynamic battling and bloodcurdling acting. I felt so blessed to work with him again. Please look forward to his scenes in the Rurouni Kenshin series film “Densetsu no Saigo”.

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personality types!

reblog with your personality types bolded, for your own reference, or for your followers to get to know you better! 

name: eve2nine

zodiac: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, pisces

myers-briggsistj, isfj, infj, intj, istp, isfp, infp, intp, estp, esfp, enfp, enfj, esfj, estj, esfj, enfj, entj, entp

the four temperaments: melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric,sanguine

enneagram: type one, type two, type three, type four, type five, type six, type seven, type eight, type nine

alignmentlawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, chaotic evil

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Every problem has a solution. It takes time to find it. … You are not alone.

This conversation was never only about Kyouhei’s homework; it was also about Kyouhei’s trust being broken by those he loved, something with which Yukawa’s very familiar. In seeing it mirrored back to him, yet again, he found the answer he’d been seeking.  Time teaches all things, but most of all, it teaches how to love, because once you’ve experienced the worst, you’ll discover how to express the best.

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@ Getsuyou kara no yofukashi 07.21.2014

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Getsuyou kara no yofukashi is a late night variety talk show hosted by Matsuko Deluxe and Murakami Shingo. This week they had a mini segment about how Murakami made it into a certain ranking…

At first Matsuko and Murakmai don’t know what the ranking is, and just see the results.

1. Mukai Osamu
2. Fukushi Sota
3. Suzuki Ryouhei
4. Saito Takumi
5. Nishijima Hidetoshi
6. Murakami Shingo
7. Fukuyama Masaharu
8. Oguri Shun
9.  Kase Ryou
10. Matsuzaka Tori

They ponder what the ranking could be: Murakami is surprised he’s in a list with all these actors but Matsuko notices number 3, Suzuki Ryouhei, isn’t someone you see in the common “hot men” lists.

She then guesses correctly that this is a list of “Celebrities that gays like”. It is from the July issue of “Body” magazine.

Suzuki Ryouhei was in Hentai Kamen. That body is pretty impressive. Not surprise he can get 3rd place.